Social Media Marketing No1


2 Platforms (Facebook & Instagram)
1 Posts Per Week
Monthly Profile Updates


Post Per Week




Profile Updates


Hashtag Clouds

Social Platforms

We manage the 2 most popular social marketing platforms for you. Facebook and Instagram offer the highest engagement and the best marketing features of all the social platforms.

Want us to manage other platforms? We manage not only Facebook and Instagram, but also Linkedin, Youtube, Tik Tok and more.


Each post is custom design with either a custom graphic or video. Each post will also contain relevant content and a cloud tag with relevant keywords. We align all content with your branding to promote a uniform look and feel throughout your social profiles. Engagement is monitored on all posts and elements from your top performing posts are used to create a new "post plan" each month, tailored to what your followers want to see.

Profile Updates

We make sure that your social profile information is up to date and your customers know how to contact you. We update phone numbers, profile pictures, covers and information about your company.

What type of content do we create?

We create the visual part f your content. We include quotes, basic text copy and other content in the visuals. If you require industry or company specific content, you will need to provide the text copy for the ad. We research keywords and create top performing industry specific tag clouds for you.

Video recording and photography

If you want to add video recordings or product photos to your social media platforms, you can provide the raw footage and photos for us to edit and create your posts from. If you need photography or videography services, we can up you in contact with some great corporate and product photographers.