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How do I know Nice design is for me?

If you are an entrepreneur, creative agency, marketer or an individual that needs at least five new graphic designs created per month then, unlimited design is for you!

If you’ve wanted to expand your brand or publish more content but you where worried about the cost or time it would take, Nice is perfect for you. We save you time by giving you a simple design request workflow and you pay a single fee. No extra costs.

What is UNLIMITED design?

Yes, we’re serious! Unlimited graphic design simply means we don’t charge you hourly or per project. You’re billed a flat monthly rate regardless of how many designs we complete for you.

Create as many design projects as you want and we’ll get started right away. When a design is complete, we’ll move onto the next one in your queue.

What type of designs can Nice create?

Nice can design 100s of different types of design. We have multiple design types in these categories: Graphics, Branding & Business, Print Design, Social Media, Online Marketing & Ads, Packaging, Corporate Gifts, WordPress Websites and Video. Click here for a full list of our design services.

What type of design doesn't Nice create?

We’re awesome, but we’re not superheroes (Yet). Here’s a list of designs and services we don’t offer:

  • 3D/CAD Graphics
  • Copywriting
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Ad development
  • HTML5 ads
  • Coding & development
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing strategies
  • Mobile or app designs

We keep video simple so you can get as many completed videos as possible. That’s why we don’t provide services for large video projects.

  • We can’t record voiceovers
  • We can’t edit wedding videos
  • We don’t edit videos with a final length longer than 3 minutes
  • Complex Motion graphics are excluded
  • No cartoons or animated characters
  • Wedding Videos
  • Feature films
How quick is your turnaround time?

The turnaround time on a design depends on the complexity. Usually, it’s between 24 – 48 hours for most projects. Some designs are delivered the same day, within a few hours.

Designs like web page builds, booklets, infographics and multi page designs will take longer. Social media designs and blog images have a very quick turnaround.

If a design is going to take more than 48 hours, your designer will send you a time estimation when they start with the design.

Can I submit more than one request at a time?

Absolutely! You can submit as many requests to your design queue as you like. Your designer will start with the first one and move to the next design in your queue when they finish a design.

If you have a design that’s urgent, just move it to the top of the queue via your design request dashboard.

What if I'm not happy with the design?

No problem. You can ask your designer to make as many revisions to the design as you need.

If you want a fresh start on the design, you can submit a new design brief with more detail and your designer will start the design from scratch.

If you want a different designer to work on this design, no hard feelings, simply add this to your request.

I have multiple brands, can I request designs for all of them?

Yes, of course! You can use your unlimited design package for any designs. If you have multiple brands, just make sure to include the brand details in your request.

Remember, we only work on one design at a time per account. 

Can I resell the designs you create for me?

Yes you can. The designs we create for you are yours and you can use them any way you want. 

Are you a marketer, print broker, promotions company and need a designer to handle your design work for clients? That’s us!

If you are a freelancer or design agency, you can outsource your work to us and have more designers on your team for a fraction of the cost.

How is my subscription billed?

When you sign up for your Nice UNLIMITED design subscription, you will be billed for your first month of designs. On the same date next month, your subscription will renew.

What payment methods do you offer?

The easiest way to pay for your subscription is using your debit or credit card via our payment processor PayFast. Your card will automatically be billed every month on your renewal date to ensure that there is no interruption to your design service.

Alternatively you can choose to pay via EFT. If you pay via eft, you will receive an invoice each month, 3 days before your subscription renewal date.

Am I locked into a contract?

Nope. Our unlimited design services are month-to-month. If you need to take a break from our service, ask our support staff to put your account on hold. 

If you need to cancel your service, simply send our support team a mail and we will cancel your service at the end of the month with no further changres.

Can you build my whole website?

We can build complete website, yes. We work on one page per design request.

A landing/home page usually takes 3-4 days to complete. Additional pages like your about, contact, services pages take about a day each, depending on complexity.

We only build websites in WordPress with Divi or Elementor. You will need your own premuim licence for your chosen theme and provide all of the copy (text content and titles) for the pages.

What's included in your video service?

Our video service is designed to make your videos look more professional. We mainly design social media videos, add titles to your videos, add intros, end cards and transitions or lower thirds and music.

All of this make the videos your record look more professional.

We can also create ads, tweak audio, colour grade your footage, create kinetic text videos and motion graphic videos.


Do you offer photo or video production services?

Not yet, but we will be adding a product photography service to our list of services soon.

What about stock images?

Your UNLIMITED design subscription comes with licenced images from twenty20.com. You can browse the photo library and ask us to use your chosen images in your design.

If you don’t want to choose stock images, our professional designers will use their super sharp design eyes to choose the right stock photos for you.

Can you help us with social media marketing?

We have have awesome social media services coming soon. 

Nice will be partnering with some of the best social media services out there to bring you the best social media marketing and advetising services.

I need more designs, do you have any larger plans?

We don’t have larger plans, but if you need more designs done at once, simply contact us and we can work on volume discounts for you or your agency.

Does Nice have an affiliate program?

Yes we do. Send us a mail for more details.

Have more questions?

Send us a message or chat to us on the live chat

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