By now you know that video is one of the best online marketing techniques available today. If you don’t, check out this post on the benefits of marketing with video. Making great videos seems daunting, all the equipment that’s recommended, the lighting, the editing tricks and software, but it doesn’t need to be.

We’ve compiled a list of features you can add to your videos to make them look like a million bucks, even if you use your phone to record your marketing videos.

Animated Logo Reveal

If you have a company or brand, you most likely have a logo. Consistent branding in all your marketing is extremely important. A logo reveal is a short animation or motion graphic, usually under 10 seconds that reveals your logo and brand to your viewer.

You can add a logo reveal at the beginning of any video, after your intro clip or even at the end of your video. 

When publishing to youtube, it’s preferred that you add your logo reveal just after the catch. The catch is a short snippet of the big moment later on in your video. Deliver in the first 10 seconds. Follow this catch with a logo reveal and then jump right into your content.

This method works great for Facebook, Youtube  or Instagram’s IGTV.

Video Intro

If you have b-roll footage or a message that repeats throughout your videos, you can use this to create a short intro for your videos. With animated titles, music, cuts and transitions an intro will grab your viewer’s attention immediately. 

Your video intro can be used as your catch by replacing the b-roll footage with your catch footage, making it even more striking. Video intros are effective on all platforms including Instagram and facebook.

Linkedin is also a great place for a video intro. With companies like TEDX and 99U providing rich, high end video content on business focussed platforms, your video strategy can take advantage of this professional look by starting with a high end intro.

Text and Titles

Visual references in video, as with all design drives the message home for your viewers. With lower thirds, popup text and titles, your viewer reads and hears your message. The likelihood of your message being remembered increases exponentially with text and titles added to your video.

Lower third animations can be used to identify topics or people in the video and it can highlight key points of your topic in your timeline.

Popup text makes your video more dynamic. On youtube, popup text can provide a point of reference for users using the preview window in the timeline, so they can quickly find and rewatch key points in your video. Making information easy to find and reference will give you repeat views and more viewing minutes.

Subscribe Screen

On average about 60% of viewers are not subscribed to content they watch. Reminding your user to like, subscribe or follow is important in any video. 

For youtube, your like and subscribe screen should include these prompts:

  • Like this video
  • Subscribe to our channel
  • Tap the bell icon to receive notifications

For social media your like and follow screen should include these prompts:

  • Like this video 
  • Follow us
  • Send this to your friends
  • Tag someone

Outro or End Card

A YouTube end card is an animation or image at the end of a YouTube video that encourages viewers to explore more content or take an action on or outside the youtube channel.

A striking end card will keep users from leaving after watching your video. End cards let users consume more of your content without having to search for it. You can also add a call to action like, subscribe, check out our free course, visit our website and more.

By just adding one extra scene to your video content, you can get endless content consumption.


Captions might seem trivial, but they are one of the most powerful tools on this list. 92% of users view at least a few seconds of a video with the sound off on mobile and 83% watch with sound off.

So captions are a must if you want your message heard. Or is it read?

Automated captions are great, and some platforms do offer them, but if your pronunciation is off or you have industry specific keywords, these captions often make a mess of your videos.

A great example of subtitle usage is for IGTV on instagram. Users will watch the muted video on their feed, with subtitles, then switch to IGTV to watch the rest of the content with sound. So before you get your views on IGTV, you need to hook your audience with a subtitled video in their feeds.


Transitions give your videos that extra “produced” look. They are used to break up sections of a video. Use a transition as an intro or section title, a break in between scenes or simply to add movement to a static video.

If you use b-roll footage or other video elements, transitions make the move between these less jarring to your viewer. 

Video transitions are a perfect fit for course creators or for use in tutorial videos. Use them to separate steps or sections. Highlight important information by transitioning to a text screen and back to the video.

You can do awesome things with video online. Adding graphic elements to your videos take them to the next level and increases both watch time and user engagement. With graphic elements on your videos, your brand and style is always present. 

Many of these graphics and animations are reusable once you have them. You can add them to all your videos without needing to create a new sequence for every video.

If you’re looking to get into video marketing for your business or brand, check out our resources in this section for more great advice on creating videos. Still feeling a bit intimidated by video? Chat to us, we can help you with the technical bits so you can get to creating your own awesome video content.

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