Your Product in Action

Is your product new or can it benefit from a demonstration? Use a facebook cover video. Record your demonstration video, even cell phone videos can be good enough, then format it as a facebook cover. 

Let’s say you sell a new natural fizzing face wash. With a bit of clever video editing and motion graphics, you can show the face wash fizzing in a time lapse video. People will understand that this isn’t just another face wash, even before they’ve read a word of the text on your page.

Team Introduction

Get personal. If your team works closely with your customers, introduce them to your customers. Video makes for a fresh new approach to the 10 year old photo in your timeline. 

You can have your team members introduce themselves, talk about what they do or even show them doing what they do in a working environment. 

Animated Logo Reveal

An animated logo reveal is becoming just as important as a logo or business card when it comes to online marketing. Every brand or company needs to have one. 

Not only is a logo reveal video useful for all your online video content, but it makes for a dynamic and attention grabbing facebook video cover. 

Introduce your brand to customers in a memorable way. Retention of content is 86% better when it’s in video format, so an animated logo reveal has an 86% better chance of making your brand stand out.

Video Restaurant Menu

This is one of our favourites. Using your facebook cover as a restaurant menu has been effective since the static cover image was introduced. The problem has always been space, but not anymore. With facebook cover videos you can now make use of animated slides to expand your cover menu and make it more readable.

If you don’t want to add a full menu or your menu has too many items, combos, special dishes and other promotions can be highlighted with some amazing motion graphics tying it all together.

Can you tell we’re excited? If you’re in the food industry, you should be too!

Location Tour

If your business has a location that people often visit, like restaurants or entertainment businesses, this one is especially effective. Give new customers a feel for your location. Show some of what to expect. The food, the atmosphere, the view. 

Highlight your attractions and what draws your customers. You don’t need a lot of video or lot’s of images for this, your video shouldn’t run longer than 30 seconds.

Travel Package Teaser 

Travel agencies or any company in the travel industry should be using Facebook video covers. Exotic locations, water sports, hiking and anything travel related is made for video.

You don’t have your own videos of the locations? Stock videos are perfect for travel and adventure. You just need your customer to “get the feels”. If you don’t highlight location specific content, there are hundreds of hours of video available for your niche, that you can use in your Facebook cover videos.

Do you have video in some other format for marketing a location? Have your video styled and converted to a Facebook cover video.

Styled Photo shoots

So you’ve spent some money on an awesome styled photo shoot for your online store, signage or in store advertising. Maybe you’ve done a catalogue or a brochure. 

Reuse these images in a stylized slideshow on your Facebook cover. Reuse brand assets on your Facebook cover video to keep brand consistency throughout your advertising mediums. Remember to couple this with good motion design that is aligned to your branding.

Moving Portfolio

Showcase your work with video. Creatives and artists are not the only ones who can benefit from a video portfolio. Construction companies, car detailers, cake specialists or anyone that makes or creates anything for a client should have a portfolio. 

Your Facebook cover is the perfect way to highlight what you have made for customers. Use video clips and slideshows with descriptions and even prices to quickly communicate your quality and creativity to customers, right when they open your page.

Service Description

If you offer a specialized service or a selection of services that you would normally explain on your website, you can use your cover video to do just that. 

With motion graphics and text, you can quickly run through the most important highlight of your services. Getting this information in front of your customer as soon as possible gives you the opportunity to grab their attention early.

Once they’ve decided to stay on your page, they can either use your call to action, to buy from you or contact you, or they can explore your page further.

Product Slideshow

Simple but effective. Photos of your products, with some music and motion graphic transitions. Just like with restaurant menus, you’re not restricted to one single image with limited space anymore. 

Making use of the Facebook cover video feature gives you the opportunity to highlight more products and grab your customer’s attention early on. Put your most popular products first to show a customer they’re in the right place. Then keep their attention with more of what they came to see.

Promotions and Specials

When you launch a promotion, do it with a bang! Exchange your logo reveal video with an attention grabbing promo video. 

Cover videos are particularly useful for flash sales, like Black Friday, valentines day, easter sales and any other special event promotions.

Pair this with a facebook call to action button to drive customers to your online store for an extremely high conversion rate right on the first screen of your facebook page.

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